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My brother, Richard, and I originally created Findit Classifieds way back in 1997 in Houston, Texas.

Findit Classifieds was a spin off from another Internet advertising business we had started just a year before.

Sadly, Richard past from cancer in 1999 and never saw the completed product.

I struggled for years without Richard, but I was determined to keep the site running out of love and out of pocket.

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I've created a much needed alternative to Craigslist and am giving it away for free!

In my comitment to finding new and creative ways to provide a platform for safer online advertising, I've adopted the "Value for Value" model that I strongly believe in and have participated in with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak on their No Agenda Show (Podcast).

I am extending their Value-for-Value model to this, my life's work. If this site has given you value, you can return the value and support my mission by:

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