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About Findit Classifieds

Your Free Craigslist Alternative

Findit Classifieds is 100% Free for you to use to advertise your local for sale by owner items and small business services!

Findit Classifieds was a spin off from another Internet advertising business started by brothers, Rick and Richard Cable, way back in 1997 in Houston, Texas.

Sadly, Richard past from cancer in 1999 and never lived to see the completed product. Rick struggled for years without Richard, but was determined to keep the site running out of love and out of pocket.

Audio from our 1998 Houston Radio Commercial

The entire site was coded by Rick, alone. Accomplished over the course of the last 20 years, in his spare time. Currently working as a developer full-time, Rick still finds time on nights and weekends to continue development and day-to-day upkeep of the website. It is a labor of love.

This site is 100% FREE for you to advertise your For Sale by Owner type items or services. We have most of the common advertising categories except for dating, we don't do dating ads.

Nowhere on this site will you be asked for any method of payment and Karma Rules. We only ask that you treat others with respect and be honest in your dealings, see my FAQ and know the rules.

If you're legit and play nice, you can stay. If you're not legit, everything is logged and time stamped and will be happily provided to law enforcement if requested.

Storing data costs money so we only ask for the minimum amount of info to advertise your item and we purge old and valueless data relentlessly.

Lastly, Findit is run on a shoestring budget so you might see some bugs in production from time to time and for that I'll just apologize in advance.

Thank you and please enjoy this 100% free, "no strings attached", free classifieds.

- Sincerely,

Rick Cable (Founder)